Grief and Bereavement

When a loved one dies your world changes forever.
Hospice Thornhill provides a place to come together to talk with others who have also experienced a loss.

For more information contact Bonnie Strand, Hospice Thornhill

Support Groups

Hospice Thornhill offers 10 week support groups.

Loss of a Loved One:

Together, you explore coping strategies, self discovery, remember and honour you loved one, relieve isolation, make new acquaintances, share and learn from one another.

Living, Loving and Loosing a Child:

This group provides a very supportive environment where parents and caregivers who have lost a child can gather and talk about the sorrow they are dealing with, as well as, remember and honour their beloved child that they have lost.

One on One Support

If you need someone to talk to and help to get through those tough days.